Taiwanese domestic demand market declines Companies launched solutions for export market

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Note: According to “Taiwan Motorcycle Export Volumes by Country for Jan. to Nov. in 2018”, the total export volume was roughly 228,000, which was 12.3% less than the same period of last year.
The total export volume was approximately 260 million US dollars, a decrease of about 19.9%. The top three countries in terms of export volume are Iraq, Japan, and Colombia, and the top three countries for export sales are Japan, Italy, and Spain.
As to export volume, Iraq exported 55,000 vehicles, which is 60% more compared to the same period of last year. Iraq also experienced the largest growth among the top five exporting countries. In 2017, the export volume and amount of Japan accounted for nearly 30%, and Japan, which is the largest exporter of Taiwan, showed a declining trend. The sales volume dropped from 76,000 to 46,000, although Japan is still the exporting country with the highest export value, up to 6-7 million US dollars, but the figure was 30% lower than the same period last year.
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The total number of motorcycle license plate issued in Taiwan last year was around 855,000, a decrease of 14.4% in comparison to 2017.
The sales volume in domestic market of three major brands, KYMCO, SYM and YAMAHA Motor Taiwan also dropped. Compared with the decline in the fuel-powered locomotive market, sales of electric motor vehicle in Taiwan have doubled, from 45,000 to 86,000.

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In response to the current situation of Taiwanese locomotive market, Taiwanese companies have transferred their annual targets to electric motor vehicles or overseas markets. SYM announced in February, 2019 that its domestic and international sales reached 500,000 units last year. SYM hopes to achieve the target of 10% growth in sales volume, which will be 550,000 units in 2019, and focuses on developing products for more than 90 export markets, including the introduction of new electric vehicles. As for, KYMCO, they released the latest electric heavy motorcycle and charging system devices at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in March, and launched commercial solutions as well as shared rental services to actively deploy the electric motor vehicle market.
YAMAHA Motor Taiwan made an announcement last year that they are cooperating with the first Taiwanese electric vehicle brand GOGORO to launch a new model. In early April, the Japanese parent company announced alliance with four major Japanese automakers to jointly promote the standardized design of electric vehicles. After the European Union and other countries announced the suspension of fuel-powered vehicles, export-oriented companies in Taiwan are also accelerating the process of research and development of electric vehicles.