Understanding Consumers’ Demands SYM Applies Themselves to Developing International Market

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Note: Taiwan ranks top 10 in the global motor market, which more the 13 millions of motorcycle have been registered, at the same time, Taiwan has full motor manufacturing chain. SANYANG MOTOR CO.,LTD., being the first motor manufacturer in Taiwan, after more than 60 years of development, it is still an im
SANYANG MOTOR CO.,LTD. established in 1954, cooperating with Honda, Japan at the first place. After 60 years of development, SANYANG stepping out to overseas market. Currently, the production centers are located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Also setting up their subsidiaries in China, Italy, and Germany. Having comprehensive developing technology in two wheelers industry, SANYANG produces multiple products in SYM brand - moped, scooter, bike and cub, selling to 90 countries all over the world with high praise. 

Customer Orientation
 As one of the leading brand in Taiwan motor industry, quality control, professional technology, R&D and innovation are the core values to SANYANG, meanwhile, actively expanding overseas motor market is the main business objective in recent years. But out of Taiwan market, how to let more customers know SYM and choose their products from the competitive manufactures? Mr. J.C. Liu., Director of Overseas Marketing Sector said, “In addition to producing quality products, how to integrate with the local market and develop products that meet the customers’ needs, is the most concerned issue while we’re facing the global market.”
From European to Asian Market
Taking European market as a sample, SYM flagship motorcycle-MAXSYM TL series attracted lots of attentions at EICMA 2018. Turn to Southeast Asia, the annual sales volume of 16 million is a highly competitive market, there’re 10 countries in ASEAN, while having different consumer culture and demands, only a slight change on the appearance, the product positioning in the market will be different. For the Central and South American and Southeast Asian markets, SANYANG launched the BIKE and CUB series of products separately, emphasizing the business strategy of localization of products, and is also the key direction for Sanyang to become the world's top motorcycle manufacturer.
Electric Vehicle Era
“It is better to go slower than to go wrong." SANYANG tends to have more steady plans to face the wave of electric motorcycle. Last November, SANYANG announced the cooperation with CPC Corporation, Taiwan for the development of battery cooperation. "We chose the professional partners in energy industry, to focus more on vehicle technology R&D. When the Taiwan model is successfully launched, we’ll  not avoid to promote to other countries or working with more companies," said Mr. Liu. SANYANG is going to launch electric heavy motorcycle in 2020.
In addition to the European and Southeast Asian markets, SYM's distribution also located in Australia, Central and South America, and Africa. "Not only to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction, but to touch their feelings." Stepping into the global market, comprehending the customer needs, and insisting on R&D and innovation, to produce high quality products that satisfy customers, which are the core concept of SANYANG to continue the expansion into the global market.