Looking for stronger, lighter, safer brilliant product? Come to G-PRO and feel it!

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Note: G-PRO has been dreaming to bring Taiwan's brand to the world. With this ideal, we combined modernity with technology in forged wheel rims.
We successfully built the lightest product in this market, reduce 80% developing and inventory costs. At the same time, only G-PRO has rewarded the Innovation Awards in motorcycle parts industry.


As G-PRO devoted itself to improve better product quality and customer safety, it acquired highest structural patent with National Technical Certification in German, Japan and China, promote two-piece forged wheel rims with outstanding appearance and function, effectively reduce costs and increase mix color choices, also improve customer loyalty and brand recognition in this way.  Since 2015 to now, the market share of two-piece wheel is rise up to 50%.
One-piece design wheel rim due to its high cost, has less type of motorcycle wheel rim, fewer color mix choice.  G-PRO divided wheel rim into "rim" and "hub", not only diverse the rim’s color match, for different types of motorcycle just need to replaces the hub. While after-sales service or maintenance, just replace hub instead of whole part like tradition way, which save resources. Moreover, G-PRO also provide annual free testing services and replace consumables to increase customer trust and also prove the high quality of product. Meanwhile, by establishing local dealer system, G-PRO provides instant and good services; let the concept of G-PRO deeply rooted in customers. 

Our abroad markets has started in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, also G-PRO have cooperated with A-class champion racer, Masaru Fujinaga, in Japan in 2017.  Moreover, established dealer in Thailand, Macau and Japan. In 2019, G-PRO obtained 19th Golden Peak award and Ministry of Economic of Affairs National Industrial Innovation Award; we are going to participate in Two wheels Asia fair in BITEC at Bangkok. G-PRO will keep pushing Taiwan's technics to the world.