Riding sports equipment Preferred popular brand SPRS

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Note: We are starting from an affordable brand in Taiwan, constantly upgrading the quality of our products, and thanking each customer for their support, so that we can get progress in development, and also improve the quality of our products while continuously creating a platform for international cooper
 Our sincere aim has never changed the concept of “parity products for every knight to afford, but without losing its design texture”. We also hope that our customers will support us for a long time and guide us to the two-wheel market of the younger generation. Positioning.
The founder Mr. Tom Lee started his career retailing auto parts and accessories. Having great interest in designing and being a motorcycle enthusiasts himselt he paved way for establishing Subier Co. LTD, in year 2009 Teaming up with Italian design group Adam's Design, a series of innovative motorcycle protective personal products evolved and hence, the birth of Speed-R, a brand for professional motorcycle safety functional riding gear and accessories.
In recent years, Motorcycle is no longer just a commuting vehicle rather Motorcycle riding has become a popular leisure sport. With the growing popularity in motorcycle riding sports. Tom saw the necessity of ensuring protection and comfort to every rider Combining the latest trend in fashion and the modern protection required while staying true to the spirit of every rider, Speed-R pride itself in offering high quality products at reasonably pricing. Through SPEED-R, every knight can afford his own riding gear, riding in style, in comfort and in safety Speed-R aims at promoting Motorcycle riding, not only the rich can enjoy and afford rather anyone can ride without cost and safety concern .