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Original Aluminum Cylinder Size: 61MM/180CC Big Bore Size: 63MM Description: STANDARD 180CC SYM CYLINDER 61M/M Fitment List: RV150 BIG BORE:61/63MM Features :  We can…
Produces piston by refined casting and forging technology. Our pistons are light weight but superior performance, We use molly-coating on…
Piston ring was installed on the piston, the quality is good or bad will be controlled fuel consumption, horsepower and…
(1) MIO/GY6 125 59/61/63/65M/M(0.8Ring) (2) RS100 55/56M/M(0.8Ring) (3) RAIDER150 62/68(0.8Ring)
BWS Engine Case Cylinders parts
Large aperture size:78MM  cription:Large Diameter KYMCO DINK250 Motorcycle ceramic cylinder liner 78MM 

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