MB BLACK POWER Forging Blue Titanium CLUTCH BELL(Radiation Type) (Race)

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1.    10,000 tons of pressure under forging results in a 50% increase in material strength and density.

2.    It is not easy to conduct heat and has high temperature tolerance.

3.    CNC high-precision surface processing with precise control of production quality

4.    The heat dissipation area has increased by 80%.  The Race v1 Edition has increased eighty heat sink fins and the heat dissipation area has increased by 130%.

5.    Twenty inertial grooves enable improved rotation efficiency.

6.    The increased fine groove gap between the inside of the clutch bell and the clutch contact surface maximizes friction area.

7.    Precision CNC rounded surface with a tolerance of less than 0.02mm.

8.    Tornado Standard Edition - twenty inertial geometry groove design.  suitable for urban riding.

9.    Radiation Standard Edition - radiant design on the exterior, 20 inertial geometric grooves, creating a support structure that is more stable and rigid, and the product is lighter.

10. New patent: M507470
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